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Monday, September 18, 2006

MTIW 004: "Mobile Gadgets and Gizmos"

In episode 4, I talk about some recent news including Apple's newest iPods (or upgrades) as well as my reviews of Freedom Ltd's Mini Bluetooth keyboard, Jabra's BT620s Bluetooth headset, and Shape Services' IM+. Thank you to all the developers for allowing me to review your products and congratulations on such successful items!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

MTIW 003: "Mobile Madness"

In this week’s episode, we discuss San Francisco’s project to add WiFi hotspots to 79 busses as well as updates concerning a couple of Smartphones and Pocket PCs of interest. In MTIW’s first software review segment, I describe and review Garish Kernels' RSS aggregator, Egress. Next week I’ll be having a software and review segment just as great! Hope you enjoy!

MTIW 003: "Mobile Madness" Show Notes

MTIW Mobile Tech’s Insider Weekly Show Notes for August 30, 2006
MTIW 003: Mobile Madness

  • In Mobile Tech News

  • San Francisco’s Bay Area wants to add WiFI capabilities on 79 buses. Riders will be able to access the internet and check e-mail.

  • T-Mobile and Cingular plan on releasing the HP hw6900 Smartphone later this week.

  • Epson to release the Epson P-3000 and P-500 Photo Viewers. 40 and 80 Gig hard drive respectively with 4 inch display and support for DivX clips. Price is $499 and 699 respectively.

  • Treo 750 Pictures just out thanks to Gizmodo. Interesting design. Webpage:

  • Motorola’s Q due in a couple weeks. Push mail features to be included.

  • Software Review Segment

  • Garish Kernels’ RSS aggregator is in today’s spotlight for software of the week.

  • I will publish the written review in the days to come and include a link and update in the show notes.

  • Stay tuned for next week’s software review: IM+ by SHAPE Services and hardware review: Freedom Bluetooth Mini Keyboard by Freedom Input, Ltd.

  • Thanks and have a great week!
Images courtesy of Gizmodo and Engadget

Monday, August 21, 2006

MTIW 002: "Crossbow Craze"

In this week’s episode, we discuss Microsoft’s announcement to release a new Windows Mobile OS in mid or end of 2007 codenamed “Crossbow”. We also discuss other mobile devices coming out, such as the i-Mate JAQ and ROAD S101 as well as software such as the Egress update.

MTIW 002: "Crossbow Craze" Show Notes

MTIW Mobile Tech’s Insider Weekly Show Notes for August 20, 2006
MTIW 002: Crossbow Craze
  • Introduction

  • Our Subscription rates have soared through the roof in just the first week making MTIW a success. We thank you, the audience, for listening and making this possible. We also want your feedback, comments, and questions. Especially question- you can e-mail them to me at: or you can send me a typed or voice message by clicking the thought bubble in the right link entitled “Send Me a Voice Message”.

  • Microsoft Codename: “Crossbow”

  • Next OS for Windows Mobile Devices- supposed to arrive sometime mid or end of next year.

  • Anticipated increase in security and restructure of wireless infrastructure.
  • Increase support given to Outlook and e-mailing capabilities. WM 5 Outlook cannot, in my opinion, handle wireless retrieval of POP 3 accounts very well.

  • One goal is going to be trying to incorporate a “full” version of WM 5 on Smartphones to remove any certain distinction between the now differently modified operating systems.

  • Will also incorporate Office 2007 support- hopefully we will be able to edit PowerPoint presentations and have more features to work with.
  • One main goal is to try and compete with the now dominating wireless internet devices, Blackberry and Symbian.
  • ASiO

  • ASiO plans to provide WiFi on plane flights and complete what Boeing’s Connexion started.
  • The plan is to charge five to ten bucks per flight so that travelers may have the possibility to surf the web 30,000 feet in the air. Sounds like fun!

  • Sprint Nextel Corp. Network Upgrade
  • Sprint plans to spend 3 Billion dollars in an effort to upgrade its networks. Spring has chosen WiMax, a network standard that has a range of up to 31 miles primarily used to make broadband networking widely accessible.

  • Your phone will be able to stream videos seamlessly- you’ll have a faster internet connection on your phone than on your computer.
  • i-Mate JAQ

  • i-Mate announced a new Inventec Mercury Pocket PC Phone with a 200 MHz processor, 64 MB RAM, 128 MB ROM, QWERTY keyboard, Quad-band support, and a 1.3 Megapixel Camera.

  • Reminds me of the HTC Excalibur, but I think that the Excalibur had a better set up in its design and implementation of the thumb keyboard. The slight curve makes for easier typing.
  • i-Mate vs HTC Excalibur
  • Palm Treos

  • Palm will reveal their next generation Palm Treos on September 12th. Will be Windows Mobile based UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System).

  • ROAD S101 Linux Smartphone
  • ROAD, or Remote Office Access Device, features a 400 MHz XScale processor, WiFi, Bluetooth, and a 2 Mega pixel camera to top off the cake.

  • Reported to have a battery life of approximately 5 hrs.

  • Might come with a narrator-like feature which can read you your e-mails and such.

  • Will support quad-band GSM.
  • German made- has a QWERTZ keyboard.

  • HTC MTeoR

  • 2100 MHz UMTS with support for triband and Bluetooth, 64 MB RAM, and microSD card read/write functions.

  • Jump Starter for Mobile Devices

  • Korean company came up with a small device that plugs in the bottom of 2 mobile devices to supposedly “jump start” the battery dead mobile device.
  • Good luck with all the adapters.

  • Tinnos Announces 30 Gig Pocket PC

  • A Korean company, Tinnos, plans to release their multimedia centered 4.3” diagonal screen Pocket PC with 30 gigs in Japan.

  • No word if we’re going to finally experience a Pocket PC with some serious internal storage in the North Americas.

  • Egress

  • Garish Kernels plans to release update 3.0.3 which addresses an issue where downloaded content is cut short before finishing. Will possibly address other small conflicts too.

  • The developer’s website is:

  • I will be reviewing Egress courtesy of GarishKernels in next week’s podcast, so stay tuned for any updates!

Finish- Thanks for listening to MTIW. Please join me next week in another edition of Mobile Tech’s Insider Weekly!

Monday, August 14, 2006

MTIW's Very First Podcast- An Introduction

The Pilot Episode, or the very first episode for Mobile Tech's Insider Weekly, is simply an introduction to the MTIW podcast series. Appearing weekly, MTIW is a podcast centered around mobile technology with news on different mobile devices and gadgets to come, review segments, questions and answer segments, and much much more!

Friday, August 11, 2006

MTIW's Very First Podcast- Show Notes for Pilot Episode

MTIW Mobile Tech’s Insider Weekly Show Notes for August 11, 2006
MTIW 001: Pilot Episode

  • Introduction

    • Hi everybody and welcome! These are the shownotes for MTIW 001: Pilot Episode. This is going to be one of our shorter podcasts mostly because it was indended to be an introduction for the MTIW series. Because of this, the shownotes will be relatively short. If you have questions, please e-mail them to me at and I will try to answer your questions in our next podcast. Until then, have a great week and enjoy!

  • Show Notes

    • Terrorist plot unveiled by the British caused many airports to temporarily ban electronics and carry-on bags from the cabin

    • Blackberry’s 8700 Series and 7100 Series are shipping with Intel XScale processors. Haven’t gotten to use a device but I hope to review a device sometime in the future

    • Microsoft’s Zune

      • Microsoft has announced that they will start making a mp3 player known as the Zune

      • Expected price at about $299

    • Sony Mylo (MY Life Online)

      • Handheld device which is capable of instant messaging, playing Music, and viewing Photos

      • Running on a version of embedded Linux

      • Has Java Virtual Machine support

      • 2.4-inch screen

      • Priced at about $350

    • Pocket PCs

      • I think that Pocket PCs are going to end up being the future’s standard for cell phones. Microsoft will probably have to work on the user interface and stability of WM 5.

    • Intel’s powerful Core 2 Duo Dell laptops will be coming out very soon.

      • Those with Merom can update their bios

      • Core 2 Duos are 40% faster and consume 40% less power then the Pentium D processors

      • Clock speeds will probably vary. Consumers should not necessarily look at clock speeds as a deciding factor when purchasing laptops in the future

    • Apple’s WWDC

      • No word if Macbook pros will have Core 2 Duo upgrade

      • Rumors are bust about a new cell phone iPod at the WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference)

    • Tablet PCs / UMPCs

      • UMPCs run on Windows XP Tablet PC edition

      • Most likely not ideal for running graphically inclined software like games

      • Does very well playing movies

      • Has 7 inch diagonal display. Very attractive design

      • Does not have CD/DVD drive but in exchange has USB ports so that external CD/DVD read/writers and other external devices can be connected

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Welcome to Mobile Tech's Insider Weekly!

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